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Caracas: Day 2

After our late arrival the night before, the orchestra enjoyed catching up on some sleep before our first acoustic rehearsal at the Teatro Teresa Carreño.  We were given a police escort on the way, something which we have been promised every time we embark anywhere on our buses:

Stopping traffic: the LA Phil

Once inside the arts complex, we had a chance to get a feel for the hall before tuning and brushing up on Mahler’s 9th.  El Teatro Teresa Carreño, opened in 1983, seats 2900 patrons.

The stage as a deeply-set jewel


Looking into the audience from the stage


First Associate Concertmaster Nathan Cole takes a break from warming up before rehearsal

The concert went extremely well; half of the audience clapped with enthusiasm between movements while the other half passionately shushed the clappers.  Fascinating!  Gustavo took four curtain calls; the patrons didn’t stop clapping until we all left the stage.

Following the performance, the orchestra went back to the hotel to celebrate the opening concert of our tour.  We were serenaded by four fabulous musicians:

Our amazing folk group

The band was made up of a harp/maraca player, a cuatro master, a mandolin/maraca player and a bass guitar.  The harp player at one point played harp and maracas, simultaneously!  Gustavo introduced them to us and they played a demonstration of the capabilities of each instrument.  They played a few sets and wowed all of the philharmonic with their amazing musicality and technique.

Tomorrow: a day off.  The perfect opportunity to spend some time telescoping Caracas!

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  1. Julia says:

    It sounds like everything is 5 star! Beautiful; I’m so happy that your experiences have been fabulous.

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