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Caracas: Day 3

Today I had the chance to spend a few hours with my 1000mm spotting telescope on the roof of our hotel- a great way to get a little more familiar with Caracas.  Our hotel is located next to the now-closed Aerodromo Francisco de Miranda, the base Hugo Chavez used during one of his initial coups in 1992.  The coup failed and the landing field was bombed heavily.  Now it is government owned and unused except as the occasional learning platform:

Lesson one: the salute

Surrounding Caracas are beautiful green mountains, crisscrossed by power lines and their supportive towers.  These buzz in El Avila National Park:

Power in Green

Power is not the only thing transmitted in Caracas- Telefonica, the third largest broadcast company in the world, owns the most popular mobile phone operations business in Venezuela.  By the looks of their roof they mean business!

Telefonica and their microwave network

As we see here, the commuters in Caracas have to put up with more billboards than we do in Los Angeles:

Billboard bombardment

After a few hours of peering through the viewfinder, the sun set and the afternoon was over.  We had an interesting mix of clouds throughout the day, not the least of which were illuminated by that famous Venezuelan setting sun:

Sunset over Caracas

That’s it for today!  Tomorrow, we rehearse not three but four Mahler symphonies in the morning, observe several nucleos as they perform in the afternoon, and have a performance ourselves of Mahler’s 4th symphony.  A big day!

« Caracas: Day 2
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