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Caracas: Day 4

Hello Mahler lovers!

Today was another fabulous day in Venezuela.  We rehearsed four of the six symphonies we are performing across these 10 days of our residency here in Caracas this morning; we touched on spots and spent the second half of rehearsal getting acquainted with our soloist for Mahler’s 4th.  She sounded glorious, and we ended rehearsal excited for the coming concert.

Traveling to and from the hall has proven to be a fascinating look into the culture of Caracas; cars and motorcycles everywhere, colorful art on the walls surrounding the freeways and lots of people everywhere.  Here’s a view of the traffic on our way to the performance tonight:

"La Rutina Diaria"

For more shots between our hotel and the hall, check out my Flickr gallery!

Instead of the nucleo performances discussed in yesterday’s post, I’ve included a few portraits of our tour-mates taken before the concert.

Lawrence Kaplan on the Flute

Nathan Farrington on the Bass

Danny Rothmuller on Cello

David Buck on Flute

Richard Elegino on Viola

I found this link on the LA Phil’s website; the audience loved our first concert of Mahler’s 9th and in particular, principal Violist, Carrie Dennis:

With that raucous receiving it’s time to say buenas noches y hasta mañana!

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