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Endeavour Lands at LAX

  Today southern California was treated to a spectacular hour of flybys, passes and buzzes by none other than the space shuttle Endeavour atop its Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) followed by two F/A-18 chase planes.  Arriving in the neighborhood around 11:50AM, the shuttle followed this flight path and reported wheels down at 12:51PM:   Thank you KOST FM!

Annular Eclipse From Sandia Peak

Today, May 20th of 2012,  our moon passed directly in front of our sun and for a little more than four minutes created an annulus (translated literally into “little ring”) around our own star.  I had read about this event several months ago on SpaceWeather.com and now was ready to capture this rare event with a telescope and a camera.  

Play Me I’m Yours- Street Pianos LA

Synchronized with the precision of a Swiss watch, the tolling of the noon bell was joined by 30 movements of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, wafting through Southern California’s crystal-clear air.  This choreographed “lunch launch” is part of the Street Pianos initiative, started in Birmingham, UK in 2008.