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Peter Gabriel meets Kinshasa

Today, a group of translators and sixteen members of the Kinshasa Symphony wound their way up the Pacific Coast to rehearse and record “In Your Eyes” with Peter Gabriel, culminating in a benefit to raise funds to bring the entire group (almost 200 musicians strong!) back to the U.S.

Perry Dreiman’s Sabian Portrait Session

I have gleefully watched my friend Perry Dreiman hit things for work and pleasure as a percussionist in the Los Angeles Philharmonic; when he asked me to take his portrait, I happily agreed.  He needed especially to feature some of the Sabian instruments he uses on a regular basis.

Mischa Lefkowitz Portrait Session

Beginning his 36th season, Mischa Lefkowitz is one of the most seasoned members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and with a current total of forty-two CDs cut, he’s also one of the most recorded.  Starting the violin at age seven in his hometown of Riga in Latvia, Mischa has studied with the world’s foremost violinists and has won numerous prizes and competitions.  

The Pasadena Seminario

Seats ready to be filled. Following the dress rehearsal for Mahler’s 9th,  I had the chance to spend two hours observing the Pasadena Seminario featuring children from Santa Barbara’s ICAN Music Program, San Diego Youth Symphony’s Community Opus Project and Pasadena’s VYMA Music Project.  

Dulce’s Ashes: Production Stills

View the full set on Flickr I got a call from a close writer friend requesting me to shoot production stills for the movie she had written and was directing: Dulce’s Ashes. To quote from the production’s website, “two sisters find forgiveness and freedom from an unexpected source – each other.” A compelling story set in Echo Park, the director’s current home.